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"Nowhere is it written that women must wear their hair short when they get older", said Anne, of St. Charles.

“About four inches past my shoulders is just right for me,” said Anne, a music teacher. “When I played Peter Pan in 1989 I cut it really short, but I hated the growing-out part. I had it really long for a while, but I got over it. Now, this is probably how I’ll keep it.”

Most days, said Anne, she wears her hair down and in its default mode – stick-straight. She is fortunate, she said, to be able to get away with air-drying her hair without being subject to frizz, even on humid days.

“When I ride motorcycles with my husband, I French-braid it to keep it down under the helmet,” she said. When they are at their favorite golf destination, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, Anne puts her hair in a ponytail, with a visor. “Then I have ‘visor hair,’ but everyone has it on the golf course.”

For special occasions, Anne uses some extra-large, hot rollers to give her hair some bounce. “When I first leave the house, I look like a Texas cheerleader,” she said. “But after a few minutes, it calms down.”

For her wedding last year, Anne said she planned to wear her hair straight and down. “At the last minute, my daughter pulled up the sides,” she said. “It wasn’t an up-do at all, but it was just ‘up’ a little bit.”

On the job, Anne appreciates having carefree hair. “It’s a physical job,” said Anne, who teaches piano, voice, guitar and ukulele four days a week at music school in St. Charles. “I’m constantly getting up and down to help the students with their instruments. I don’t want to have to worry about my hair.”

Growing up, having naturally straight hair meant not falling victim to fads that came and went. “I was lucky that straight was always in style,” Anne recalled. “I never got a perm in the ‘80s – thank God. I just crimped it myself a few times. I never did the Farrah Fawcett, big-hair thing either.”

Like most women her age, said Anne, she has a drawer full of “hair things” that date back to days when she spent more time fussing with her hair. “My 4-year-old granddaughter loves it,” she said. “So I keep it for her even though I hardly ever use anything in there anymore.”

Anne is like a kid in a candy store, though, when it comes to hair products at the John Christian Salon. “Life is too short to not try them,” she said. Her favorite labels are Enjoy and Pureology, but she likes to experiment with new arrivals.

A 15-year client of Roxanne Sauer’s, Anne relies on her stylist’s suggestions. “Sometimes she suggests a change. I trust her and tell her, ‘Go for it,’” said Anne. “But I stay within the same ash blonde range.”

A few years ago, Anne added bangs to her hairstyle, then stuck with them. “I didn’t know how long my forehead was until I saw old pictures of myself without bangs,” she said. “Now I know I look better with them. And, when I fell off my bike and got scraped up, they helped hide some bruises!”

While her daughter can get away with funky hair colors, Anne sticks with “a combination of highlights and lowlights,” she said. “Just enough to have some crazy without being too crazy.”

Anne is a John Christian Salon devotee, looking forward to her every-six-weeks appointments. “It’s professional but friendly,” she said of the salon. “Over the years, we get to know the staff. Roxanne and I have become friends.”

As she splits her time between work, traveling with her husband and pinch-hitting for her working-mom daughter, Anne said having no-nonsense hair is a priority. “When it’s done well, it’s done,” she said. “It looks good. I don’t have to worry about it.”

— Anne

If she lost her job, said Maureen, of Batavia, she has a long list of things she would sooner give up than her regular appointment at the John Christian Salon, where John Christian is her stylist. “I can think of a lot of little luxuries that I could do without,” she said. “But I have to see John every six weeks.”

Like many loyal clients of the John Christian Salon, Maureen became a client after a disastrous day at another salon about eight years ago. “I had liked the person who did my hair, but one day I had a sub and got a bad haircut,” said Maureen. “I was really upset. A friend recommended John. He fixed it and I’ve been with him ever since.”

Maureen wears her auburn hair shoulder-length – just long enough to pull back when she needs to. “But I’m growing it out a little, just for something new,” she said. “John and I are, that is. With John, you’re working together.”

She started coloring her hair in her thirties, said Maureen, when her hair color dulled. “It started getting some gray, but mostly it was just becoming mousy-drab,” said Maureen. “Coloring gives me the brown I had when I was younger and makes it smoother.”

Maureen said she is blessed with thick hair, while many women her age need multiple layers to make their hair look fuller. “I just have some layers,” she said. “Without any at all, my hair looks like a football helmet.”

A native of New Jersey, Maureen migrated to the Fox River Valley after living in Schaumburg. She puts in 40-plus workweeks as the customer service manager for a promotional products company.

With her mother, Maureen co-teaches religious studies to mentally challenged adults. “I have a teaching degree, so this gives me a chance to use it,” said Maureen. “It’s extremely fulfilling. They’re very loving. When I’m retired, I look forward to doing more for the community.”

To keep in shape, Maureen also squeezes in three workouts a week.

The occasional pampering helps temper workaday stress, said Maureen. In addition to her visits to the John Christian Salon, she gets regular manicures and pedicures, plus periodical makeup makeovers. “As my skin changes as I get older, I try to keep up with new products that I should use,” she said. “Makeup is the one thing I would never leave home without.”

Before blow dryers and hair-smoothing products, recalled Maureen, women with coarse and kinky hair like hers had to “live with the frizz.” “Now, thank goodness, I can use a dryer and a big brush, plus a little spray, and my hair is ready to go in 12 minutes,” she said. “But there’s no way I could air-dry it.”

The Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner she buys from the John Christian Salon help tame Maureen’s hair. To keep her bangs in place, she uses a little Sebastian hairspray. When at the gym or on trips to Florida, where the humidity wreaks havoc with her hair, she resorts to ponytails, said Maureen.

For special occasions, Maureen uses a curling iron to make her hair “look a little fussier.”

Maureen praises John Christian for being “a genius with scissors but also a very down-to-earth guy. Over the years, he’s listened to me talk about work, my kids growing up, losing my dog and becoming a grandmother. John gets to Chicago a lot more than I do, so he’s also my source for what’s new in plays and restaurants.”

The atmosphere of the salon is “warm,” said Maureen. Long-time staffers “are like family -- especially Pat and Ramona. Also, I have to add that I really appreciate that they’re always on time. I’ve been to other salons in the past that have made me wait.”

Years from now, Maureen will still be a client of the John Christian Salon, she said. “I’ve told John that he can’t retire!” she said. “As long as I can get there, he has to be there.”

— Maureen

Having her hair cut at the John Christian Salon means “every day is a good-hair day,” said Claire of St. Charles. “I can go out to dinner or even just run errands and I know my hair looks great. Sometimes, I’ll use some hot rollers. But usually I just blow-dry it and I’m done.”

While her sister has silvery-gray hair that looks great, said Claire, she prefers to color hers. “I didn’t have my kids until I was in my thirties, so I started coloring it then because I didn’t want to look like the oldest mom at the playground,” said Claire.

When she became a client at the salon, her stylist, John Christian, spent ample time with her, making sure they chose the right shade, said Claire. “John’s a perfectionist – in a good way!” she said.

“It’s auburn, with just a little red tone,” said Claire of the shade they chose. “Darker than that, at my age, and it would look too harsh. I get a lot of compliments on it.”

Although she has worn her hair just past her shoulders for a while, said Claire, she is growing it longer now. “I have a picture from a magazine,” she said. “We’re working toward that. In about two more hair appointments, I’ll be there.” She will keep her bangs and the bit of layering that gives her hair some volume, she said.

Claire’s goal is to have her hair just long enough to pull it back in the summer. “I’m looking forward to buying some hair ornaments,” she said. “It’s been years since I’ve even had a barrette.” The added length also will allow her to put up her hair for special occasions, she added.

In addition to color, Claire receives a Claypac treatment that dries hard under the hairdryer, then rinses out. “It gives my hair shine,” she explained.

A native of Kansas (evidenced by her gentle inflection), Claire and her husband are the proud owners of an 1854 house in St. Charles’ Pottawatomie Park neighborhood. The Greek Revival home is on the National Register of Historic Places and was featured in a recent home tour. Claire’s son lives in the house’s original carriage house, which is connected by a patio.

The home tour gave Claire a chance to showcase their interior decoration (“I choose the colors and my husband paints,” she said) and their container garden. The house is the perfect backdrop for the furnishings she inherited from her grandparents and great-grandparents. When the house gets its next owner, the house-history book that the couple maintain will go with it. “I have no moving plans, though,” said Claire. “They will have to take me out feet first.”

In addition to maintaining their architectural treasure, Claire enjoys spending the day at her favorite mall, Oakbrook Center. “I’m not a fashionista,” she said. “But I do like to keep up with fashion. When I go to the salon, I earmark magazine pages so John and I can say, ‘Yes!’ or ‘No way!’ to pictures.”

Other topics John and Claire cover while he does her hair, she said, include new movies, their travel destinations, politics and John’s sidekicks, Guy (a Brussels Griffon) and Charlie (a Maltese-poodle mix). “They’re adorable,” said Claire of the dogs who frequently visit their master at work. “Everybody loves Guy and Charlie.”

The John Christian Salon is unlike other salons in the Chicago suburbs, said Claire. “It’s sophisticated, lovely and welcoming, and not snooty,” she said. “And I appreciate that you don’t get passed from one person to another. At some other salons, one person washes your hair, another dries it, another conditions it, etc.”

After knowing John Christian for 10 years, said Claire, “I’ve learned what a kind and generous person he is. He’s a man of integrity with a solid work ethic who takes care of his business and his clients. You can tell that he genuinely cares.”

— Claire

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“The level of service at John Christian salon is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. My color is great, my cut is great. Thank you!”

— Jennifer

"I like the fact that you do not get inexperienced kids right out of school. This staff are pros and have the training and work history to make the customers look their best. I think most of the personnel have been at the salon for many years, which is always a good sign of stability and customer allegiance in any business.

I also like the fact that there is a lot of parking, both on the street and a large lot right next door. Who wants to be driving around looking for parking."

— J D Davidson

I have been having my hair done at the John Christian Salon for about a year. I am extremely picky about my hair, so I have had trouble finding a good stylist. That was until I found the John Christian Salon. Not only does my hair look wonderful, but the environment is warm and friendly. I have the best cut and highlights I have ever had. The people who work in the salon are friendly and outgoing and I feel that they go out of their way to make me happy. I always leave looking and feeling great. I always look forward to my appointment!


"After losing my long time stylist, I began having my hair cut by big name salons, thinking they must know what they are doing. Wrong! I have short hair and not everyone can cut short hair (even if they say they can). John Christian salon was recommended to me by a co-worker. "Just try it," she said, "I know you will love it." She was right! Susie gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you SOOOOO much. Please, everyone go!"

— Joan

"After trying several salons in the Fox Valley area, someone recommended John Christian and I'm so glad they did! I work and do not have time to fool with it in the morning. Since finding John Christian, I spend less than 5 minutes in the morning on my hair. The haircut is amazing. John also does a great job with highlighting - it looks so natural - a requirement for me. The people in the salon are gracious, the shampoos are great. I love everything about this salon."

— Sarah

"I have gone to this salon for many years and find it to be the best. I am constantly complimented on my color and cuts, given by John himself. I have been updated many times over the years and always appreciate the advise I get on what will look best on me. A great staff that are always helpful and very professional. A beautiful salon that I have seen many design updates to over the years. Thanks John."

— R L

"I have searched high and low for a stylist who is consistent, knows what they are doing, regardless of your hair style, and truly keeps up with current trends, so when I found the John Christian Salon, I was thrilled to death. I am extremely particular about my hair and was constantly frustrated and fighting to get it styled as it was supposed to be, until I met John. Each and every time I've had my hair cut and styled, I have been happy and continue to be happy until my next appointment. I found John's salon surfing online and tried it "blind." I have not regretted it once. The staff are friendly, the salon is neat and clean, they are always on time and they get me in and out in a timely manner, without rushing my service. I cannot say enough about John, his Salon and all of his staff. I would HIGHLY recommend the salon, and this is from someone who has tried a lot of different salons and stylists. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed."

— Paula



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